Our story

UNO is a constant dialog between Guinea-Bissau rhythms and melodies and the different electronic genres from the western world. With the unique voice of Ilesa da Costa and the psychedelic electronic trips of David Martins, UNO stands for a united world and an entangled connection of different cultures, wishing to contribute to a future where we can find human-being as ONE. The word "UNO" in portuguese language means something that is united in harmony.

In 2009 David Martins was invited by a Guinean NGO (AD) to build a sound studio in Bissau, the BISSOM STUDIO, and therefore to produce an album of a local choir and theatre group: FIDALGOS (Ilesa is part of this group). This was the first contact between David and Ilesa. Tow completely different persons that would follow a future of constantly opposites dialog. They fell in love from each other and from the difficult path that the future could bring. This connection made possible several cultural projects between Portuguese and Guinean artists, from theatre to art installations and music. Later on Ilesa and David founded with family and friends a new NGO, ÚNICA - MIXING CULTURES, supporting kindergartens from Bissau to fight the death of children under 5 years old caused by high fevers from malaria. From 2012 to 2015 David and Ilesa collaborated in music composing for theatre plays and interactive art installations produced by ÉTER - Culture Production, a team that makes 300 shows a year in Portugal supporting education and the community with their projects. David is the production director and resident musician of this team. So UNO is a natural development of David and Ilesa lifes and will. The will to fly, to break boundaries and contribute to a world of freedom and happiness for all. UNO is a musical expression of an ideal world and a vehicle for supporting developing countries.

UNO is a recent project and the premiere was a part of a wide culture production: the EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS 2015 on the 26th of September. There was a full day of activities at the MU.SA - Sintra's Arts Museum and UNO performed at 22h followed by ALEX AFROBEATER, a new DJ that will shake the museum with dancing rhythms and DJ Cónego de Braga AKA Zézé

During 2015 UNO is performing in Portugal in Sintra, Leiria, Serpa, Fátima and Mafra and finally in BIssau, Guinea-Bissau.

Single out now!
July 2016 - EP release!
September 2016 - album release!

Our store here at UNO's website is called MIXING COLORS, a project from Inês Martins where everything is unique and created with the same principles of the music we make. You are directly supporting NGO ÚNICA - MIXING CULTURES with the ongoing projects in Guinea-Bissau wile buying any item on the store.

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We would love to ear your ideas, as it just was born and you can contribute to its future!

Love to all, we are one!